Shelf Paddle


The setup can be done by hand and without further tool.

Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 weeks




  • Made in Germany
  • toolless assembly


  • Shelf floors length: 49 cm
  • Shelf floors width: 25 cm
  • Total height: 195 cm


  • silk matte white
  • black matte


  • Frame: solid wood ash
  • Shelf floors: robust coated multiplex plate, white

Elegant corner solution

Two ash strips reduced to the ends, dovetailed connected, hold four shelves from coated multiplex. This construction results in a shelf that can only stand in a room corner. The three endpoints of the strips hold the shelf vertical and provide the necessary static.

Paddle ash

Thought outside the box

Not only in every corner of the room, the shelf stands stunningly stable, but also a small wall lead of a few centimeters is sufficient for the fixed stand. This opens up many other opportunities to position the shelf in the living space.

Does the shelf in the wall have to be doweled?

No, the shelf stands on its own.

Origin & Production

This shelf is created in the own workshop of stueckwerk. The shelves are CNC-milled in cooperation with a sheltered workshop.

Shelf paddle built up, standing in corner


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